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So, You’ve Been Eaten

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Finally a game for 0-2 Players!?

Kwanchai Moriya, one of the most prolific and talented artists in the board game community with a list titles a mile long including beauties like Capital Lux, Cryptid and Bosk, posted on his Instagram feed the cover for a new game by Scott Almes (another prolific hero) called “So, You’ve Been Eaten” and being published by Ludi Creations. Naturally, this piqued my interests so I headed over to BGG to see what was what and what a treat.

Ludi Creations is billing this as a 0-2 player asymmetrical powers game. One player plays as a space miner attempting to get gems from inside the giant space monster that has swallowed him. While the other player is the monster trying to devour the miner. Digest might be a better word since you have already been eaten. There is a solo game for playing as the miner and a solo game for playing as the space beast and they jokingly note that you could, technically, let the two solo mechanics duke it out on there own while you watched.

Scott Almes’ track record for solid fun games, the Tiny Epic Series, etc, is enough to make me want to play this game but the artwork by Kwanchai Moriya makes this a real standout for me. I can’t wait to see more pics and learn more about this one.

So You've Been Eaten Box Art

Image from BGG game page.

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