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Vindication Returns

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Vindication returns to Kickstarter & Funds again in 24hrs

Vindication is a fantasy adventure strategy game published by Orange Nebula Games that has been wowing reviewers since prototypes first hit their tables and is promising to be a contender for many top ten lists. Originally known as Epoch: The Awakening, Vindication has returned to Kickstarter for a second round and has already raised as much money in the first few days as the entire first campaign reaching their funding goal in the first 24hrs. Which of course means that Orange Nebula is now blowing through stretch goals, making this release more and more exciting. If you are a backer from the first printing they are offering an expansion only tier called Leaders & Alliances. There is also a tier for the base game or everything together and there are some pretty spectacular KS exclusives here too.


Thrown overboard for a life of wretchedness, you’re left to die in the icy black sea. Just before vanishing into endless darkness, you wash ashore a hostile island ruins where you are revived by a traveler. As you open your eyes to your bizarre new home, you find that something better, something stronger has awakened inside you.

Manage your personal attributes wisely and call on your conviction as you leverage your influence to gain companions, control locations, acquire mysterious relics, bash horrific monsters and (if it’s your style) snuggle some seriously exotic pets in the ultimate goal of mastering heroic attributes — and regaining your lost honor before the end of the epoch is triggered!


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For more information visit the Vindication Kickstarterpage.

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