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In-Between Round 3

With Dave away, visiting the mystical, magical island of Newfoundland, this episode of the In-Between has Mitch and I doubling down on our chatter in order to fill the Dave sized gap. Which means, if math can be trusted at all, we go a little overboard.

We talk about Mitch’s acquisition of Talisman, a classic from the 80’s that has lived on in various incarnations, and the gimmicky but aesthetically cool looking, Forbidden Bridge. We then talk about Dad Joke Face-Off, another new game on Mitch’s shelf, plus some newer games and some fun little small box games that we’ve been playing lately. Isle of Trains, Valley of the Kings: Afterlife and 7 Wonders: Duel, are fabulous little games that are heavier than their small box size suggests. (You see what I did there right? That’s what’s called a play on words, since they aren’t actually that heavy, weight wise.)  With slight learning curves and layers of strategy awaiting to be revealed, these little games are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Another one worth playing, if you have somehow missed the hype, is the clever and quick roll and write called Welcome To. Listen in to hear a jumbled explanation for how to play it and how it has been my most played game for the month of August by a long shot. Accessible, fun and very nice looking, it’s a triple threat that gets a high recommendation from The Secret Order of the Rolling Duck..

Similarly, Sagrada, has made its way to the table over and over too. This dice drafting, somewhat solitaire puzzle of a game has players placing colored dice on a board to craft a stain glass window. It’s rules are simple to learn but the puzzle is tricky to pull off successfully. Most people end up with at least one dice sized hole in their window.

You can also listen in to hear Mitch tell a serendipitous tale of how he ended up connecting with a European game designer whose games have begun appearing in Canadian Dollar Stores priced well below their production cost and well below their actual value.

That’s it. That’s mostly it.

Until next time, Stay fit and have fun!

No, wait. Place chits and game tonnes! (Ugh. That’s not much better)

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Steve Haley is a musician and high school teacher with a penchant for comic books, RPG video games and exploring the world of craft beers one (or two) bottles at a time. His favourite game mechanic is deck building and he gets a bit light-headed when he is able to chain together more than three cards in a hand.

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