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Round 2

Like the episode it introduces, this intro has been a long time coming. There are a few reasons, but they are pretty boring — it’s summer probably sums up most of it. So without further delay, welcome back.

The In-Between 2 is a bit of a clearing house of little conversations. I update my thoughts on the two games we’ve already featured on Everyday Meeple and then Steve jumps in with the solo deck builder Friday by Friedemann Friese.  Since this was recorded, I have also bought that game and have made it to the highest level, though as of this writing, neither Steve or I have beat the Pirates at Level 4.

After that Mitch leads us in a conversation about 51st State from Ignacy Trzewiczek and Portal Games. This is a game I have yet to play, but as I re-listen to our chat, it’s certainly one that I want to check out ASAP. From there I talk about my Quest for 200 points playing Caverna by Uwe Rosenberg, and my general obsession with solo games. As you’ll hear, I’m usually less prepared with information like publisher and designer, though I’m trying to get better at having that stuff in front of me from now on.

That leads us to compare the game to Uwe’s other very popular game that spawned Caverna, Agricola, and Mitch’s note that his wife found Agricola to be somewhat lacking in “fun” for her, and that “lack of fun” may well be fixed by another game,  Dungeon Pets by Vlaada Chvatil. Mitch’s observation might well be right for some, as that game of the three has a much lighter and more immersive theme. It seems it would be impossible not to enjoy raising pets and monsters for Dungeon Lords while making sure they don’t mutate, get sick or eat the workers (imps in this case) that you use to do the dirty work, like mucking out stalls and stopping rampaging beasts from escaping.

We also have a brief discussion about Near and Far, which has a future feature episode written all over it, and how the new Amber Mines expansion has improved an already great game.

With any luck, Episode 3 of Everyday Meeple will be up not long after this description. It’s Steve’s turn to pick a game and if his recent blog posts are any indication, expect us to enter the world of Thunderstone in a few of its incarnations.

New games keep appearing on our collective shelves, and it’s really too bad many games don’t see the table more often. With autumn around the corner and a harsh Canadian Maritimes winter ahead, we hope to continue to ramp up the Rolling Duck website and get into a more regular routine.

But with families, jobs and a new puppy joining my household in the coming weeks, we should probably not be making many promises at this point.

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