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Incan Gold – Pressed Luck

Incan Gold is one of my daughter’s favorite games and has been since she started playing it at 4 years old. She also usually wins as she plays quite conservatively while everyone else pushes things too far.

She helped me put this video together which is why one of her other favorite toys makes a cameo. 

If you are looking for a game to play with the young and old Incan Gold (Diamant) is easy to teach, easy to grasp and a great time. 


Let us know what you think about it.

About The Author


Mitch is a graphic designer with what could be referred to as a compulsion to design and redesign things that may or may not need it. Truly a jack of all trades and master of none (well maybe the one) he will retrofit your kitchen table or redesign your player mats. He can’t help himself. Mitch sometimes jokes that he was "Raised according to Hoyle" His grandmother instilled a love of games in him early on that has continued to grow year over year.