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The three of us, myself (Mitch Morris), Steve Haley and Dave Bartlett, had been kicking around the idea of joining the board game podcast pool for a long time now and finally decided to get our feet wet. So please bare with us as we get our water legs on and start slowly swimming some laps (I think I might stop milking the pool metaphor now). Our first effort was a bit rough around the edges as we just jumped straight in (nope there it is again) and splashed around for a while (I can’t shake it).
We have since upgraded our audio quality. Check out all that fantastic “NEW” gear we have in that photo. We have successfully moved our audio quality away from the tin can sound of 1 device recording somewhere near the middle of the room to 3 mics and an old Tascam 4 track (cassette tape) dumping down to a Zoom H2. The sound is so much better now.

Everything is looking up, for us so keep checking back and see how we progress.

Thanks for the interest.


I think having all the cables really help things. We should get longer cables. I think the room should look like the tomb in Raiders of the Lost Ark but instead of snakes it’s all cables.

About The Author


Mitch is a graphic designer with what could be referred to as a compulsion to design and redesign things that may or may not need it. Truly a jack of all trades and master of none (well maybe the one) he will retrofit your kitchen table or redesign your player mats. He can’t help himself. Mitch sometimes jokes that he was "Raised according to Hoyle" His grandmother instilled a love of games in him early on that has continued to grow year over year.

Let us know what you think about it.