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Hasbro Makes a Move

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 Hasbro steps up their enviro game!

Hasbro, who needs no introduction, recently announced they would begin phasing out plastic in all their new toy and game packaging. This includes shrinkwrap, poly bags, elastic bands, blister packs and so on. The new manufacturing policy will be sweeping across the whole of the Hasbro gaming portfolio from Monopoly to Magic the Gathering.

Hasbro also added a toy recycling program a little while ago that allows you to pass your used or broken toys back to Hasbro instead of dumping them in the landfill.

When a large company makes a big move like this it tends to make some waves. Many other manufacturers and publishers have put some efforts in but usually more in the background. Queen Games had a small green label on many of their games when they made the big shift from plastic inserts to chipboard dividers. Big G Creative have been sealing their boxes without shrink wrap and I noticed recently that a few other companies had followed suit leaving out the shrinkwrap.

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