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a battle game with Modeling clay minis

In a creative turn that might just be worth a nomination for the coveted Diana Jones award game designer Clint Bohaty, know for writing modules for the Dungeon Crawl Classic system, and his game Hounded published by Atlas Games, has brilliantly reimagined the basic concepts of play clay into a beautiful new game system where you mold monsters out of colorful Spell Dough, battle them in a colorful lore filled world with custom dice and literally crush your enemies with an equally awesome mold ring.

FRom the Publisher:

Behold, the Necromolds! Banned by feudal wizards and banished from mortal hands, these evil spell books and the monsters they hold have once again returned to wreak havoc on humankind. Unleash the power of the Necromolds and raise armies of monstrous clay golems by mere incantation to conquer your enemies! Satisfyingly smash your vanquished opponents into spiders, beetles, demons and more using your Caster Ring!

Are you powerful enough to collect and command the Necromolds?

As the father of a six-year-old who loves molding and smashing play-dough with his daughter the concept alone was enough to win me over. Add to the concept fantastic art, amazing monster sculps, and creative design – the monster molds are spell books! -cover it all with vibrant colors and add in some great bits of lore and this is shaping up to be something really special.

You can follow the link below to get to there website then sign up for their KS notice which promises an exclusive code for bonus swag for followers.

This is definitely one to watch for the concept alone. Hopefully, the game is just as fun as the art and idea but the molds are about enough on their own.

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For more information check out the Necromolds page.


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