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Episode 3: Thunderstone Quest

by Everyday Meeple, Thunderstone

You may have noticed that we have had Thunderstone on our minds for the last little while. Steve has been coming to terms with his changing relationship with the somewhat epic deckbuilder as it has drastically changed with it’s newest incarnation.

In our third episode of Everyday Meeple Steve leads us in a conversation about what Thunderstone has meant to him, and to us, and how Thunderstone Quest has changed the game, as it were.

We talk about Thundersone Advance and its numerous expansions including the somewhat mysterious stand-alone set based on the Monte Cook Numenera universe. Then we heap praise on the newest incarnation that is Thunderstone Quest and all that it has changed and all that it may offer moving forward.

I couldn’t not back. I was forced to back it.

[ Mitch ]

I screwed up again. I mentioned that I had a thought that Donald X. Vaccarino had maybe been the first American to win a Spiel des Jahres (which he won in 2009 for Dominion and again in 2012 for Kingdom Builder), that was wrong. Not sure what I had heard that stuck in my head crooked like that but a quick Wikipedia check shows Sid Sackson winning in 1981 for his game Focus. IN fact the very next year Alex Randolph won for his game (with Michel Matschoss) Enchanted Forest. The list goes on from there. Richard Borg (Call My Bluff) 1993, Bill Payne (Villa Paletti) 2002, and I might have missed one or two.


Pops & Bejou an Interview

Jake, the nickname-less portion of  Pops & Bejou Games reached out recently promoting their soon to launch Kickstarter for their first game CULTivate. A quick look at the box art had me hooked enough to dive a bit deeper. I spent some time going over the rules and watching their How to Play video and found what seems a promising light puzzler with a pile of charm. I look forward to following along with the Kickstarter and giving the game a try when I can.

Episode 1 : Wasteland Express

For our first effort we decided to talk about Wasteland Express Delivery Service a 7.5lb box of good times that has you trucking around an irradiated wasteland trying to get stuff delivered. It’s even better than that sounds.


Our first effort was a bit rough around the edges as we just jumped straight in (nope there it is again) and splashed around for a while (I can’t shake it).


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Mitch is a graphic designer with what could be referred to as a compulsion to design and redesign things that may or may not need it. Truly a jack of all trades and master of none (well maybe the one) he will retrofit your kitchen table or redesign your player mats. He can’t help himself. Mitch sometimes jokes that he was "Raised according to Hoyle" His grandmother instilled a love of games in him early on that has continued to grow year over year.