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Ep 5: Signs of Madness

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The posthumously famous author, H. P Lovecraft is perhaps most known for his creation of the Cthulhu Mythos featuring cults, cosmic entities, and unsettling horrors. Lovecraft’s works have permeated almost every facet of modern pop culture and the hobby of tabletop games is no exception.

The tentacled appendages of the Old Ones are far-reaching having influenced almost every style of board game. From dungeon crawlers and dice chuckers to word games and co-ops. In our most recent episode, which is months old now, we take a deep dive into some Lovecraftian inspired board games. We would need more than our allotted hour to discuss the insane (see what I did there?)  number of games inspired by Lovecraftian lore, but we mention quite a few. Tune in to hear us lose our minds over some of our favorites. You could also just check out some of the links if you’re too scared to listen. That kind of thing works on my four-year-old. Worth a shot.


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Steve Haley is a musician and high school teacher with a penchant for comic books, RPG video games and exploring the world of craft beers one (or two) bottles at a time. His favourite game mechanic is deck building and he gets a bit light-headed when he is able to chain together more than three cards in a hand.