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New LOTR Announced

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FFG Announces LOTR: Journeys in Middle Earth

Fantasy Flight just announced a new entry in the Lord of the Rings world of games. Journeys in Middle Earth is a 1-5 player co-op campaign that uses an app to help run the game. The map will guide you through campaigns filling the world and running the AI for the baddies to create what is hopefully a very immersive game.

Fantasy Flight has proven they can do some pretty great things with app integration with games like Mansions of Madness and I am pretty excited to see where they take that integration in this new adventure game. The possibilities are endless and I hope they push some boundries here.

The retail price is set for $100 USD and with FFGs track record you can be fairly confident that you are getting your dollars worth in this box. 

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For more information visit the games page on the Fantasy Flight Games website

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