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Valley of the Kings Premium Edition

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Return to the Valley of the Kings

AEG has announced an updated Premium Edition of Valley of the Kings launching on April 2. Valley of the Kings is an Egyptian themed set collection, deck builder by Tom Cleaver that was originally published in 2014 with 2 standalone expansions following it (Afterlife – 2015 and Last Rights – 2016). The game is a constant flow of new cards and combos as you have to move the cards from your deck into your Tomb in order to score them at the end of the game.

The new edition promises all the cards from the previous editions and more. Expanded to up to 6 players with art splashed across tarot-sized cards this edition is not going to be pocket sized. It is great to see this fast-paced, combo-filled, deck builder getting a second life and in such a fitting fashion. Of course, the new tarot-sized cards may lead to some table crowding, especially with 6 players.

I am excited for this to launch and can’t wait to see what other surprises AEG has in store and am glad this game is hopefully getting some time in the limelight where it is sure to win more fans. If you love deck builders and haven’t played Valley of the Kings before be sure to keep your eye on this one. If you already love Valley of the Kings then I don’t need to tell you as I am sure you are already excited.

Valley of the Kings Premium Edition

Valley of the Kings Premium Edition


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The AEG Kickstarter is not active yet but  you can check out the recently published Board Game Geek page for some more information.

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