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Board Game Expo 2020

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Your Friendly Local Game store is where it’s at!

I have been noticing pre-release announcements for games from a few publishers like Red Raven, Pandasaurus Games and Renegade that have been a little bit different. They all mentioned that this game (Deep Vents by Red Raven) or that game (Sonora by Pandasaurus) will be available at BGX on April 4.

So what is and where is BGX?

Turns out, with very little looking involved since they have been doing a pretty good job of getting the word out, BGX, or the Board Game Expo, is a great new concept by Gaming Days LLC, the same people who gifted the world Free RPG Day.

The concept is simple, partner publishers will be teaming up with select retailers all over for an event on April 4th, 2020 that will let you drop into your FLGS and tryout and buy fresh games hot off the presses. A zero-day for game releases. What fun.

From now until April retailers can apply to be part of the fun and so can publishers. The list of publishers for this year’s event is already pretty impressive so mark your calendars and prod your FLGS to make sure they are in on the action.

Find out more...

For more information check out the BGX page.

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