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The Roll Player Experience Expands again

The first bit of news I mention for 2020 is pretty exciting, although not very detailed since we mostly feed off of table scraps here. Thunderworks Games dropped a pic on Instagram today of the box for Roll Player Adventures and in the comments mentioned that it is a new campaign-style co-op RPG-LIKE game in the Roll Player universe that will allow you to play your Roll Player generated characters.

There is a page up at BGG that has a few more details mentioning a player count of 1-4 and that the base game has 11 core adventures plus a replayable side quest.

This is something they have been working on for a while so it is bound to be something worth checking out and just the fact that you can roll up a character using one game (and any of the expansions) and then play it in another is such a fun idea that I am sure everyone who has loved Roll Player has thought of at least once while playing.

It is also worth noting that a copy of Roll Player is not necessary to play as there are pre-generated characters included.

Roll Player has been an immensely satisfying puzzle game for me and the other games that Thunderworks has put out in this universe have been really creative so I am setting aside some of my game (food) budget for the year to see what is coming down the pipe.

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For more information check out the page on Board Game Geek

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