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The First In-Between

by The In-Between


Here are some links to a few things that came up in the episode.

Board Game Stats App

Race for the Galaxy

Lords of Waterdeep

Terraforming Mars

Thunderstone Quest

Family Passtimes Co-op Games

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Our Love of Thunderstone

  • Steve
  • Mitch
  • Dave
  • Our Friends
Hi, we don’t really know each other. Let’s fix that. That’s right, it’s time for the age old, get-to-know-you, introductory icebreaker, Two Truths, One Lie. Except, let’s make it Two Lies, One Truth. Ok, here we go. On episode 1 of The In-Between, my buds and I talk about:

  • Race
  • Undefeated 5 year old gamers
  • My love of building decks

All right, two of those things are more thinly veiled riddles than outright lies, but one is the stone cold truth. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Great. Listen in to figure it all out.*

This month had us recruiting rogues and wizards (or as I affectionately call them, “wizzies”) in an effort to be the most dominant Lord of Waterdeep. This back stabby worker placement has been getting a ton of play in our game group and deservedly so.

If wizzies aren’t your thing then you might enjoy our free flowing discussion of games like Terraforming Mars, Race for the Galaxy, Round Up, Scythe and Saltlands. Or, if you’re out there listening (and I know that you are), and you’re someone who gets tickled pink at the idea of building and managing a deck of cards full of spells, swords and skeletons in an effort to destroy THUNDERSTONE bearers, then you’ve come to the right place. Thunderstone Advance holds a near and dear place in my heart, right next to the spaces reserved for my family, books and breakfast. I credit Thunderstone for being the game that showed me that board games could be as immersive and thematic as my favourite type of video games – fantasy RPGs. Well, Thunderstone Advance is about to be retired into my own personal Hall of Fame as the new iteration of the franchise, Thunderstone Quest, enters my life. This isn’t goodbye Thunderstone Advance, it’s just, so long. You shan’t be forgotten. Aw, man. I’m getting tears all over my typewriter. I gotta go.

Thunderstone Advance holds a near and dear place in my heart, right next to the spaces reserved for my family, books and breakfast.

The In Between is the show between the show. For Everyday Meeple’s “regular” episodes, we decided to hone in and choose ONE particular game that we’ve been digging, have a big chat about it and pair it with some relevant media, like, similarly themed books, music, video games, etc. This show allows us to talk about all of the other games we’ve been playing “in between.”


*The Secret Order of the Rolling Duck is not responsible for your time and/or energy spent attempting to “figure it all out” by listening to three friends blather on about board games for an hour.

About The Author


Steve Haley is a musician and high school teacher with a penchant for comic books, RPG video games and exploring the world of craft beers one (or two) bottles at a time. His favourite game mechanic is deck building and he gets a bit light-headed when he is able to chain together more than three cards in a hand.