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Author: Steve

In-Between Round 3

With Dave away, visiting the mystical, magical island of Newfoundland, this episode of the In-Between has Mitch and I doubling down on our chatter in order to fill the Dave sized gap. Which means, if math can be trusted at all, we go a little overboard.

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Thunderstone Quest – Part 2

AEG launched Quest as a Kickstarter and in no time at all, the game was fully funded. People were a little perturbed that you couldn’t use your Thunderstone Advance cards in this version of the game, but the folks at AEG promised that it was a new, streamlined experience and that Thunderstone fans would not be disappointed.

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The First In-Between

So, “The In Between” is the show between the show. With Everyday Meeple, we decided to hone in and choose ONE particular game that we’ve been digging. This show allows us to talk about all of the other games we’ve been playing “in between.”

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