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All You Need is Love

I’ve only played Fog of Love a few times now, but in just those three plays, the game has told some of the most immersive and touching stories I’ve ever encountered in a board game.

Royal Bastards, a KS Preview

We recently had a chance to play Royal Bastards by Flamestryke Games. A chaotic area control game in a fantasy world filled with magical bastards and dice combat. Royal Bastards is launching soon on Kickstarter. Steve has put a few of his thoughts together here for your consideration.

Cat Lady the game, a review

This a small box of lighthearted gaming for 2-4 players. It plays quickly and is bursting with charm. If you are a Cat Lady. Don’t like cats, well there might not be enough for you here.
Looking for a family game that will work with everybody and introduce some more complex mechanics this is a great stepping stone for drafting, set collection and resource management.

Yes Ravensburger!

One of the things I love about the board game hobby is the community. How so many of the publishers and people that make the hobby tick are just regular people. Small family run business working from their homes, with a few obvious exceptions. Recently I had an interaction with Ravensburger, one of the biggest and oldest publishers in the hobby that showed me that even the exceptions care about the community.

For the Love of Art

To some, board games have always been beautiful. To folks who love game design, a game like Catan or even Monopoly, might very well hold some aesthetic appeal. To others, those games may just appear bland and boring. Well, the era of bland and boring board game art seems to be at an end. Board games are beginning to feature jaw dropping, beautiful art.

Steve’s Top 5 Solo Games

There are plenty of times when our game group can’t get together to partake in my favourite social past time. There are other times when I just want to be alone and get lost in the sacred ritual of gaming: opening the box, setting up the game carefully and methodically and then getting lost in the stories that unfold on my tabletop. When I want the solitary experience that board games provide, here are my go to games…

Steves’ Top 5 Board Game Moments

Game Moments that Made a Lasting Memory After a game night, I might go to bed thinking of the games played and how it all shook out. I usually don’t think of a particular game session a whole lot beyond that. Sometimes though, a group of people playing a game leaves a...

Mitch’s 5 Games for 2019

Top 5 new game releases for 2019 Let's start the new year with a quick look at what I am excited about for releases. Everybody has been doing it and most of my research has been watching everybody else's lists and narrowing those down to the ones I am most excited...


Ticket to Ride is one of my gateway games into the hobby of modern board gaming and is still one of my family’s favorites to play. Ethnos scratches a very similar itch but provides a few more interesting decisions as well as some variability from game to game. It’s simple to teach and the different combinations of fantasy races that can end up in the deck drastically change the game and forces players to change up their strategies.

We Are All Monsters

A (kind of) review of Ruthanna Emrys’ novel Winter Tide while pleading with board game designers to take note and listen up!